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So you are thinking of renovating your kitchen but not sure where to start or you need a special piece of furniture made because you can’t find anything to suit your needs when you go looking or perhaps you are thinking my bathroom needs a makeover as it’s looking tired and it’s lowering the value of my home, this applies to the Kitchen as well, a good looking kitchen will add value to any property, these are questions many people ask themselves before they start to search for there answers and there answers are usually answered when they meet a Designer who can pull it all together for them and implement there needs and dreams into a designed package, and when you are at this stage hopefully you will find us , we have a great deal of experience in all these areas of the home, with over 25 years experience Designing kitchens, custom furniture and bathrooms, our Design team, “me” offer an obligation free site visit to discuss your project, put together a Design and submit a quotation to you and within your budget as best we can, I know that it is hard to trust anyone when you don’t know them or haven’t heard of them before but you have to start somewhere and that somewhere is a call to us. click on any icon above in your area of interest and see our range of services, we do small kitchen design to large kitchen design, from budget kitchens to high quality kitchens, we Design and manufacture custom furniture, in fact all the furniture shown on this website has been custom made for clients, clients like yourselves, who couldn’t find a suitable pieces on the ready made market, so we have become experts with providing quality pieces of furniture from home offices to free standing pieces of furniture, our motto is “if we can Design it ,we can make it” and make it we have, but whats more we have a history of happy clients who come back to us from time to time,when like yourselves they need some work done in there home, now I know that this all seems like a good story to tell but if you contact us we can offer an obligation free consultation, put together a Design in the area of your choice, Kitchen Design, Furniture Design, Bathroom Design, help with materials and finishes and based on that submit a quotation to you that hopefully will make you happy.

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