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When your are looking for a special piece of furniture but don’t know where to find it or you are after a specific piece to fill a required need then perhaps the only way to go is to have your piece custom made, that way you will get a piece of furniture to suit your requirements, but who do you turn too when this is the only option and what sort of quality do you expect when you are looking to have that piece made, we have many years experience making furniture using a combination of materials such as polyurethane, timber veneer and solid timber although solid timber is not used very much these days due to it’s high cost unless it is for chairs or tables, see our chair design page to see our range of solid timber upholstered chairs, as you can see from our slide show above our range of furniture is vast and we take great pride in our customer satisfaction with our quality and our affordable prices, we all know that it will cost a bit more because everything has to be made as a one off item but the cost is not excessive to be prohibitive and could be your best option to get a unique piece of modern furniture, for instance, entertainment cabinets have become the norm in all lounge room, but how many have you seen that are just make do when the better option is to cater for all your needs, makes sense when you think about it, you can select the material to blend in with your decor, you can select the requirements for now and for the future

We manufacture all types of Quality free standing furniture Dining Tables-Dining Chairs-Side Boards-Entertainment cabinets-Coffee Tables-Bookcases, as well we do Builtin Cabinet work.

We have a long history of supplying quality Modern Furniture from our range or from our custom Design service

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